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DA Series of USB-to-Headset Adapters Harness the Power of Voice over IP

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DA Series of USB-to-Headset Adapters

Harness the Power of Voice over IP

Computer-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone technology has emerged as a productive, economical tool for administering call centers and other softphone-based organizations. Plantronics delivers a three-model series of USB-to-Headset Adapters to help businesses derive maximum value from their VoIP investments. Paired with any Plantronics professional headset renowned in the industry for superior performance and comfort the adapters infuse digital-signal clarity into every VoIP softphone communication. A range of features and pricing options ensure the right fi t for all professional environments.

  • Improved ROI. Benefi t from VoIP economy and productivity without sacrifi cing enterprise-class performance or customer satisfaction.
  • Leverage existing investments. Migrating to a VoIP infrastructure? The new system will be compatible with your current Plantronics headsets.
  • Improve customer interactions. High-quality audio translates to smoother, more concise customer communications and enhanced satisfaction.
  • Experience enhanced VoIP sound quality. The DA55 and DA60 adapters offer digital enhancements that deliver crisp audio clarity in VoIP environments.
  • Range of solutions. Entry-level, mid-range and premium solutions fi t into contact centers and enterprises worldwide whatever their budgets or businesses demand.

DA60 Adapter— Superior Audio Quality and Control

Robust digital technology and PerSono Pro™ 2.0 software endow the DA60 with unparalleled command over voice and audio quality. The DA60 is ideal for medium- and large-sized contact centers with VoIP softphones, and for offices utilizing softphones for business-critical applications.

Digital Audio Excellence

  • Call Clarity™ enhances intelligibility by equalizing incoming call volume.
  • SoundGuard® Plus™ shields listeners from overly-loud transmissions.
  • Echo cancellation ensures natural conversation even with VoIP latency.
  • Offers convenient volume and mute controls directly on the cord for instant access.

PerSono Pro Software

  • Equalizes headset settings for optimal audio performance.
  • Tracks agent noise exposure to ensure compliance with workplace
  • safety standards.
  • Secures customer information when agents leave their workstation.
  • Displays transmit and receive volume to verify customer experience.

DA40 Adapter— Affordable, Enterprise-Class Quality

Specifi cally for enterprise offi ce communication or employees with both a desk phone and a softphone—the DA40 adapter is the most economical enterprise-class solution available.

  • Affordably joins enterprise-class headsets with VoIP softphones.
  • High-quality alternative to consumer-grade headset systems.
  • Compact size takes up minimal desk space.