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Thermal camera

Model : STC-14

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High Performance Thermal Night Vision Camera

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High Performance Thermal Night Vision Camera

• Thermal Night Vision Camera?
The Thermal Night Vision Camera is an advanced camera that detects differences in the infrared energy of objects and the background, converts them into electric signals, and produces digital images.

Best Night Monitoring Solution!

The STC-14 is a cost-effective and stable night vision camera equipped with a microbolometer thermal imaging sensor. Embedded with advanced infrared imaging technology, it is suitable for short- and medium-range monitoring purposes and offers astoundingly sharp and finely detailed images with its high performance sensor and wide field of view. It is light, yet rugged, making it an ideal solution for 24/7 powerful monitoring.

• Outstanding 360m Detection Range with No Lighting
• Intricate Imaging with High-Powered Infrared Sensor
• 0.08¡ÆCExcellent Temperature Resolving Power
• IP66 Approved Dust/Waterproof, Customizable OSD
• Light Weight and Effective Cost

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