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Samsung PC based Camera

Model : SPR-9716

Price : 0.00

Description :
16Ch PC Based DVR

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- Recording at a maximum speed of 480/400 ips
(SPR-9716/9816, 320x240 standard)
- Various resolutions can be set for monitoring or recording (D1, Half D1, CIF)
- Recording compression ratio :
352 X 240 = average 3Kb/F, 704 X 480 = average 8Kb/F
- Hardware watchdog: auto-recovery system when the system is operating abnormally
- Video correction circuit : 4 phases, according to the distance between the DVR
and the external monitor settings : 100m, 200m, 300m or 400m
- Motion detection
- Alarm output
- Image quality adjustment (sharp, soft and revised),
screen enlargement and reduction
- Alert sound generated when a motion is detected by a camera
- 16 channel simultaneous video/audio recording and searching
- Pan/tilt/zoom of the camera can be controlled (built-in zoom cameras only)
- Emergency screen automatically sent to the center set in emergency situations
- Auto password-check: prevents arbitrary manipulation by outside hackers
when communicating remotely to change a system setting
- Remote DVR control through the network
- Video checking and Real-time monitoring through the network
from a remote location
- 20 DVRs can be simultaneously managed from a client viewer
- Watermark
- Built-in virus protection
- RoHS