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Constant Voltage Corrector (CVT)

Model : CVT ( 50VA to 10KVA)

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Description :
STABILNE Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT) work on Ferro resonance principle. Units have built in harmonic filter to provide a sine wave output. Beacuse the high isolation between Input & output CVT provides protection against transient spikes an harmonics and also there is no-shock problem in case of leakage in the equipment being run on Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT). However, CVT can not be used with eqipment which take heavy starting current, viz, Refrigerators, Air -Conditioners, induction motors etc.because of its over -load protection characteristics

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Features of Constant Voltage Corrector :

  • Output highly isolated from input.
  • Protected against over-load and short circuit.
  • Instantaneous correction
  • No-moving parts, relays or electronics circuitary.

Optional Features of Constant Voltage Corrector :

  • Over Voltage and Under Voltage Protection with the feature, the unit will automatically switch off when the output voltage reamins for certain time avove or below a certain time above or below a certain preset voltage limit.
  • Etended Input Range-140 -280 V
  • 110 (Output) can also be supplied

VCR, TV & Fax Machines, Photo Enlargers, Electronics Printer/Calculator, Computer and Data processing Machines, Bio medical equipment, teleprinter & elctronic Type-writers, Private Telephone Exchanges/EPABX, Electronic R & D Labs & Colour Photography Labs, etc.


180 to 260 V (Frequency 50 Hz)


220 V/230 V AC _+ 1%

Output Step Load Response

2 Cycles (30 to 40 milli seconds)


90% (approximately ) under full load conditions

Output Wave Form


Load Power Factor

0.75% lag to 0.9% lead

Ambient Temperature

-20 % to 50 C

Construction Type

Ferro Resonant

Rating Available

50 VA, 100 VA, 150 VA, 250 VA, 350 VA, 500 VA, 1,000 VA, 2, 000VA, 3, 000VA, 5, 000 VA