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PA Effect Processor

Model : DFX-16

Price : 0.00

Description :
PA Effect Processor DFX-16 : PA Digital Effects Processor • .

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Details :

·  Uses 18 bit digital effects processor ensuring high quality sound effects.

·  Accepts Stereo as well as Mono Inputs through ¼" jack sockets.

·  16 effects programs selectable through a rotary switch.

·  Each program consists of 16 selectable variations resulting in a total of 256 effects combinations.

·  Mix control for adjusting the level of dry and wet signal content in the output.

·  Signal LED for monitoring the level of Input signals to obtain distortion free output.

·  A separate ¼" jack socket provided for connecting a foot switch.

·  Compact, light weight and easily portable.

*      ·  Operates on 220-240V AC mains through a dedicated 9V AC adaptor, supplied alongwith.


1V/500 (Rated), 2.4V (Max.)


50mV / 1M Stereo (Rated),

50mV / 500k Mono (Rated),

100mV for Max. Output


0.02% THD

 Signal To Noise Ratio


 Frequency Response (±2dB)

20Hz - 20kHz

 Digital Processor

18 Bit Digital Effects Processor

 Maximum Delay

1200 Milliseconds

 Main Programs


 Total Preset Combinations



Power LED, Signal LED (7dB prior to true clip)

 Power Supply

AC: 9V (Adaptor provided)


W200 × H45 × 150 mm