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Colour series

Model : UB-5838C

Price : 0.00

Description :
View, Save and Share -- All in Colour • Wide Screen • Colour Scanning System • Direct Colour Printing* • SD Card / USB Flash Memory storage • 1.8" Colour LCD • Clear Marker Reproduction Technology • Password Lock for Secure Operations * External Printer required.

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Easy-to-Read 1.8' Colour LCD

Because it is equipped with a colour LCD that lets you confirm scanned data on the spot, its ecological design makes printouts no longer necessary. And because it displays the operating status with easy-to-follow icons, it is easy for anyone to operate.

Clear Marker Reproduction Technology

The faded marker text that was so difficult to scan can now be accurately scanned to produce easy-to-read conference notes.

Thin and Lightweight

This thin, lightweight board is ideal for wall mounting. Rear panel protrusions have been reduced to enable neater, more attractive mounting. The design is a great match for today&s modern offices and conference rooms.

Password Lock for Operation

After turning on the power and setting a four-letter password, data cannot be saved until the password is input.

By turning on the Screen Erase Announce function, an icon appears on the LCD when scanning is finished as a reminder that the board has not been erased.

Paperless, Data-Based Solutions

Save directly to memory

Scanned data can be saved in PDF or JPEG formats on an SD Memory Card or USB flash memory, then transferred to your PC. Now you can easily edit it using the bundled Panasonic Document Management System software.

Save directly to a PC

Simply connect the board to a PC with the USB cable to save the board content without having to install any special software. The board imitates USB flash memory, so no additional software is needed to store the scanned images.

Versatile Colour Printing Solutions

Printing without a PC

You don&t need a PC to print a copy of the material written on the board. If your printer is equipped with an SD Card slot or USB flash memory slot, you can print data without using a PC. Just plug the storage memory device into the printer and press the Print button.

Direct Colour Printing Solution

The UB-5838C come standard with a USB printer port. You can connect a printer* directly to the board using a USB printer cable and print data in vivid colour.

* For information regarding available printers, refer to the following site


Power Supply

AC 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

Less than 0.4 A / Less than 0.15 A (Operational / Standby)


1.8' Colour LCD

External Dimensions*1 (H x W x D)

with stand

1,830 mm x 1,998 mm x 1,207 mm72.1 in. x 78.6 in. x 47.5 in.

without stand

1,125 mm x 1,998 mm x 224 mm (44.3 in. x 78.6 in. x 8.8 in.)


with stand

38 kg (84 lbs.)

without stand

28 kg (62 lbs.)

Ambient Operating Conditions


10 °C to 35 °C (50 °F to 95 °F)


30 % to 80 % RH

Input Block

Panel Dimensions (H x W)*1

838 mm x 1,740 mm (33.0 in. x 68.5 in)

Panel Surface

2 (endless scroll type)

Scanning Area (H x W)

790 mm x 1,722 mm (31.1 in. x 67.7 in.)

Scanning System

Contact Image Sensors

Scanning Modes

Colour / Black and White

Scanning Size

Standard-size / Full-size

Scanning Resolution (H x W)


1.7 dot/mm x 1.7 dot/mm (44 dpi X 44 dpi)


2.4 dot/mm x 1.7 dot/mm (61 dpi X 44 dpi)

Scanning Time
(Until the scanning is finished)


30 seconds

Black and White

20 seconds

Memory Output

Supported Memory Types*2


Support Format

SD Memory Card

FAT16 format, Maximum capacity 2 GB

USB flash memory

FAT (FAT16) / FAT32 format, Maximum capacity 32 GB

USB Flash Memory Interface

USB 2.0 (Full Speed, USB Master, A-Type Connector)

SD Specification

Version 1.10
*SDHC Memory Card and SD I/O standard are not supported.

Store File Format

Colour Scanning

PDF or JPEG (JPEG Compression)

Black and White Scanning

PDF or JPEG (JPEG Compression)

Printer Output


USB 2.0 (Full Speed, USB Master, A-Type Connector)

Support Protocol

PCL 3 GUI (Most HP Colour Ink-Jet Printers)*2

Supported Printers

Refer to the Internet home page*2

Print Resolution

300 dpi x 300 dpi

Continuous Printing

1 to 9 sheets

Print Size

A4 Size

PC Interface


USB 2.0 (Full Speed, USB Slave, B-Type Connector)

Operating System

Windows Vista®, Windows® XP (SP2 or higher)
Windows® 2000
SP4 or higher)

*1 Dimensions and weights are approximate.
*2 For information regarding available USB flash memory devices, SD Memory Cards, and printers, refer to the following site: