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NEC Digital KTS

Model : Univerge SV7000

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Description :
The UNIVERGE SV7000 Telephony Server is designed to empower your business and make your network a more productive asset to your organization.

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The SV7000 offers the full complement of NEC telephony features and applications while utilizing NEC's broad range of IP phone sets. These phones feature a built-in multi-port switch to allow one-cable termination to the desktop.

Key Features

The SV7000 provides robust features within a design that reflects NEC's tradition of quality and reliability. With the SV7000, users receive:

  • Flexibility through connectivity with SIP-enabled devices
  • Seamless integration with unified messaging
  • Intuitive, web-based management application for ease of administration
  • Simple integration to conferencing servers with digital announcement and Music On Hold
  • Industry-leading support
  • Cost-effective integration of analog devices, such as fax machines, to leverage your existing investments

Convergence : Multimedia over IP

By converging your voice and data networks, employees across the entire enterprise benefit from the same set of communication tools ·one company, shared capabilities ·no matter where these users are located. To the outside world, your enterprise appears as one, no matter how dispersed.

NEC : A Universe of Choices

Even though the SV7000 is designed as part of a pure IP architecture, it can accommodate traditional telephony needs as well. It's just one more example of how NEC provides choices to meet the diverse needs of businesses and organizations everywhere.