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Integrated Corded Phone

Model : KX-TS3282BX

Price : 0.00

Description :
o 2-Line Operation o 3-Way Conference Calling o Answer-Back Speakerphone

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Details :
2-Line Operation

The 2-line system lets you speak on one line, and still make and receive calls on the other.

3-Way Conference Calling

You can enjoy 3-way conversations with two separate parties on both lines by using the conference button.

One Intercom Path

Allows you to page any phone individually or all imultaneously and to communicate with an internal call.

Caller ID Compatible (FSK/DTMF)*

KX-TS3282BX is suitable for each technical standard of Caller ID service (Bellcore, ETSI and DTMF). The 3-Line LCD displays caller’s information.

50-Station Caller ID Memory*

Up to 50-Station can be stored, you can call back easily.

50-Station Phone Directory

Up to 50 names and telephone numbers can be stored.

Answer-Back Speakerphone

Allows you to activate the speakerphone by remote from other KX-TS3282BX.

Programmable Line Selection

You can program one of 4 operational modes (line 1/2/Intercom/Auto).

Flexible Extension Numbering

You can easily assign specified extension numbers to each intercom.

Additional Features

- 3-Station One-Touch Dialer
- Auto Redial with Redial Memory
- Parallel Connections Up to 8 Extensions
- Data Port
- Call Transfer
- Distinctive Ringing
- Call Restriction
- Dial Lock
- User Programmable Timed Flash
(80/90/100/110/200/250/300/400/600/700 ms)
- Telephone Line-Powered Operation
- Headset Jack
- Power Failure Battery Backup Battery Box
- Navigator Key for Easy Operation

* Requires subscription to Caller ID service offered by certain telephone companies for a fee. Please check with local Telephone Company for details and availability.


Dial Mode

Tone (DTMF)/Pulse


3.5 sec



Power Source

AC Adopter

Dimensions (HxWxD)

96 mm x 186 mm x 231 mm


890 g