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Gigaset Corded Phone

Model : C675

Price : 0.00

Description :
Expandable Talking • Answering machine with up to 20 minutes recording time • 2 phones in 1: 2.4 GHz digital desktop phone with additional cordless handset • Illuminated display • Caller ID¹ shows caller’s number • Directory with up to 50 entries • Last number redial: last 10 numbers • 10 ringer melodies • Handsfree talking • Illuminated handset keypad • Range indoors/outdoors up to 50/300 m • Standby/talk time up to 140/6 hours • Register up to 4 handsets: Gigaset C67H is recommended. • Free internal calls between handset and base • Recording and advisory function • Message listening with date and time announcement • Recording with unlimited power failure protection  

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Expandable digital desktop phone with additional cordless handset and an answering machine. 

Gives you more: Gigaset C675 is a 2.4 GHz digital desktop phone with the useful additions of a cordless handset and an integrated answering machine. The 20 minutes of recording time offer room for your caller’s messages. Comfortably see the caller’s number on the bright illuminated display, thanks to the caller ID features. Save the number of your contacts in the convenient directory. Or benefit from the Gigaset C675’s other great features – such as hands-free talking, a standby time of up to 140 hours, illuminated handset keypad, 10 number redial, and more.

A great expandable telephone system, the Gigaset C675 gives the security of a desktop phone, the convenience of a cordless handset and the benefits of an answering machine.

Keeps your messages
The built-in answering machine records up to 20 minutes of messages. It also offers a helpful recording and advisory function, which makes it incredibly easy to use. The date and time of messages are automatically announced by voice, which informs you of precisely when someone rang. Plus, the answering machine has unlimited power failure protection, keeping your messages safe even when the power’s out.

Benefit from 2 in 1
The Gigaset C675 gives you 2 phones in 1: a digital desktop phone and a cordless handset for the best of corded and cordless calling. You can even call internally between the desktop phone and the cordless handset for free. Add on to your phone, if you’d like. This phone system supports up to 4 cordless handsets, such as the Gigaset C67H.

Viewing is pleasant
Easily see what’s happening on the illuminated displays on both the cordless handset and the desktop phone. Use them, for example, to easily access the last 10 number redial feature. Additionally, the keypad on the cordless handset is illuminated too, so you quickly find the digits you need – even in dim settings.

Informed with caller ID¹ 
The caller ID¹ feature shows you the caller’s numbe r on the illuminated displays. Plus, if your caller is saved in the directory, the caller’s name automatically appears with the number. So you know who’s on the line even before you pick up.

Organizes your numbers
Save up to 50 contacts in the convenient directory, for the fastest access your numbers when you desire calling.

Hands-free to call
Accomplish more while on the phone with hands-free talking. And it’s incredibly easy to do: simply press the hands-free key on your Gigaset C675.

Gives you great advantages
The cordless handset has a range of up to 50m of indoors, so you’re able to move about while you phone. Outdoors, the range increases to up to 300m, for even more flexibility. Equipped with a standby time of up to 140 hours, the cordless handset stays charged and ready for your calls. What’s more, you’ll love a pleasant talk time of up to 6 hours.

If you’re looking for an expandable digital desktop phone with a cordless handset and an answering machine, the Gigaset C675 is your ideal telephone system.


Sound quality

HDSP™ ready handset1


HSP™ for brilliant sound quality


Hands-free talking | convenient hands-free | advanced hands-free

yes | - | -

Ringer melodies | polyphonic | real sounds I downloadable

10 | - | - | -

Individual ringer melodies for VIP entries


Adjustable handset volume


Headset connection | corded 2,5 mm | Bluetooth®


Convenience - phoning essentials

Range indoors | outdoors

50m | 300m

Standby time | talk time

140h | 6h

Phonebook | address book | entries

yes | - | 50

Phonebook transfer: via DECT | via Bluetooth® | via LAN

- | - | -

Last dialed ... numbers


Automatic dialing of operator prefix


Automatic redial function in handset


Dial by voice command


Bluetooth® function2 | Mini-USB


Room monitoring




SIM card reader and writer


Plug-and-play installation


Date reminder function | alarm call

- | -



Live recording of calls


Display and menu features

Display: numeric | alphanumeric | semigraphical | graphical

- | yes | - | -

Display: illuminated | colour

yes | -

... pixel, ... inch, ... colours and ... lines

- , BS: 80x30mm/HS: 1,5" , b/w , BS: 2+1/HS: 3+1

Easy-to-use text-based menu | jumbo fonts | icon-based

yes | - | -

Display of caller’s number (CLIP1) | picture (Picture CLIP1)

yes | -

List of last … missed calls with time and date


Multilingual menu for up to ... languages


Time displayed


Date displayed


Range displayed (handset to base station)


Charging status displayed


Call charge displayed


Call duration displayed


Keypad features

Illuminated keypad

Handset only

Colour of illumination


Navigation key


Message indicator key


Messaging functions

Up to … characters SMS1 | Email1

- | -

Up to ... personalized SMS in-boxes


Email notification



Up to 60% less power consumption3


ECO Mode for reduction of transmitting power of base station by 80%4


Radiation-free5 ECO Mode Plus


Transmitting power at almost zero when handset docked6



Equipped with speech transmission encryption


Features with more than one handset

Expandable to up to … handsets


Selective internal calls | walkie-talkie mode

yes | -

Internal transfer of external calls


Parallel calls internal | external

1 | 1

Answering machine features

Operate answering machine by voice command


Open listening at base station


Recording time up to … min. | playback of messages from external phone

20 | yes

Predefined | individual announcements

yes | yes

Mailboxes up to … | PIN-protected

1 | -

Date and time announcement


Timed change between predefined and individual announcements


AM control via handset | via base station

yes | yes

Protection of recordings against power failure




1 year

Wall mountable




Technical data

Standards DECT | GAP

WDCT | yes

Dimensions handset (H x W x D in mm)


Dimensions base station (H x W x D in mm)


Dimensions charger (H x W x D in mm)


Available colours


ECO DECT Handset

60% less power consumption with energy-saving power supply3


Variable reduction of transmitting power7


1 Dependent on country/network/operator
2 Transfer of contacts from Microsoft® Outlook® via Gigaset QuickSync software
3 In comparison to our conventional cordless phones
4 For all registered handsets – in comparison to when ECO Mode is not activated and to our conventional cordless phones
5 The DECT transmitting power is switched off when handset is in idle mode and when all registered handsets support ECO Mode Plus.
6 With only 1 registered handset
7 Dependent on distance from base station